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      ? ? ? ?生物質熱風爐是以生物質為燃料,將燃燒、換熱、除塵、循環風、排放等功能合為一體的熱風設備,可產生干燥潔凈的熱風。我單位經過多年努力,投入大量資金研發,根據生物質燃料的特性,在原有基礎上對生物質熱風爐進行創新改進,研制成功生物質專用熱風爐。其作為升級版產品性能更加穩定,產品功能更加強大,具有更加廣泛和專業的行業應用。

      五、燃料種類  /  Fuel type

      二、生物質熱風爐特點  /  Characteristics of hot blast stove


      三、應用范圍  /  Scope of application


      四、熱風爐系統圖 / System diagram of hot blast stove


      一、概述 / Summary

        Biomass hot air stove is a kind of hot air equipment which uses biomass as fuel and integrates the functions of combustion, heat exchange, dust removal, circulating air and emission. It can produce dry and clean hot air. After years of efforts, our unit has invested a lot of money in R & D. according to the characteristics of biomass fuel, we have innovated and improved the biomass hot blast stove on the original basis, and successfully developed a special biomass hot blast stove. As an upgraded product, it has more stable performance, more powerful functions, and more extensive and professional industry applications.











      Suitable for burning sawdust, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, Camellia shell, straw, corncob and other biomass particles, biomass blocks, wood chips (blocks) and branch wood and other biomass fuels.

      (1) The advanced feeding device controls the feeding speed and evenness to ensure the fuel supply and complete combustion of the hot blast stove, prevent the hopper fuel from spontaneous combustion, and make the safety strength more reliable.

      (2) The design of the combustion chamber adopts a new type of large capacity furnace, which is conducive to the combustion of biomass fuel, with full and thorough combustion and good combustion effect.

      (3) The designed mechanical grate combustion can improve the combustion effect and overcome many problems caused by fuel coking.

      (4) High thermal efficiency, low operation cost and remarkable energy saving effect.

      (5) Using biomass fuel combustion, no pollution, low emission, energy saving, clean and environmental protection.

      (6) The fuel can be used in a wide range of biomass particles and briquettes.

      (7) Stable operation and strong combustion continuity.

      (8) High degree of automation, simple and convenient operation.




      (1) It is widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, grain, feed, fruit residue, compound fertilizer, marigold, alfalfa, medicine, papermaking and other industries, such as corn dryer, distiller's grains (bean residue, sugar residue, medicine residue) dryer, chicken manure (cow manure, pig manure, cow mattress material) dryer, sludge dryer, sawdust (straw, corn cob) dryer, straw (straw, corn cob) dryer, straw (straw, corn cob) dryer, straw (straw, corn cob) dryer, straw (straw, corn cob) dryer and so on Sugar (salt) dryer, alfalfa (silver Apricot Leaf, marigold) dryer, fruit and vegetable dryer, organic fertilizer (inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer) dryer, ultra-fine powder dryer, etc.

      (2) It is suitable for plastic spraying, paint baking, spray curing, cloth washing, dyeing and finishing, etc.

      (3) It is used for heating various industrial workshops, such as machining workshop, textile factory, chemical factory, furniture factory, etc; Heating of public facilities, such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, gymnasiums, shopping malls, etc; Farming heating, such as livestock farms, vegetable greenhouses, flower greenhouses and coal mine ventilation heating.

      生物質熱風爐  /  Biomass stove